Rave Reviews

So here’s the thing. My wife and I were new to this whole “buying a house” ordeal and had absolutely no idea on where to start until we were referred to Valentine Properties by a friend. Every single person that we have dealt with from this beautiful company were some of the most genuine and compassionate people, who never shied at the opportunity to stop and explain things to us. We knew nothing going into this process and are at the point now where we have a functioning understanding of what it means to own a home. When things got a little bumpy at one point in the sale, Valentine stepped up and had our back to help us make sure everything was being taken care of in the best way possible. I’m not used to companies caring so much about their customers. All of this to say that us you are in the house hunting market you cannot find a more passionate and wonderful company. Did I mention that we were gifted some Hostess cupcakes on Valentines Day? Or that they gave us a basket at the time of closing filled with Champagne and other goodies? That’s how awesome they are.

—Thomas Globig

Caroline Kalentzos